Troop transports. Airfield and base camp support. Utility work. These kinds of operations require trucks that are light, agile and flexible. They need to be reliable, drivable, and easy to manoeuvre. And they have to be cost- and resource-efficient. Allow us to introduce the Volvo FL and Volvo FE.

Functional flexibility

These trucks can be equipped perfectly for troop transport, logistics, airfield and base camp support. In fact, they’re ideal for any part of your operation where you need small, flexible and lightweight trucks.

Structural perfection

The Volvo FL and Volvo FE are both capable of being kitted out for almost any mission. They’re prepared at the factory to allow for easy modification. This way, we ensure that our quality standards are met even when the truck is modified.

The chassis can be chosen in the following configurations:

Volvo FL: 10 to 18 tonnes 4x2 or 4x4 (Euro 6) 16 tonnes.

Volvo FE: up to 80 tonnes, 4x2 or 6x2, tractor or rigid, a variety of wheelbases available.

The cab - function and comfort

The cab – function and comfort

Both the Volvo FL and the Volvo FE feature cabs designed for driver comfort. This isn’t just a benefit for long missions. Putting instruments within easy reach helps driver focus. The structure that dampens vibrations, the steering is easy to get to grips with and the cab lets drivers and passengers get in and out with ease. This increases efficiency, reduces personnel fatigue and means that crews arrive at their destinations in peak condition.

Necessary reinforcements

Necessary reinforcements

Bumpers are strengthened with high-impact steel corners. The risk of expensive damage in a collision is reduced. Otherwise, they’re quick and easy to replace.

Cabs for the Volvo FE are available in three sizes: Day cab, Comfort cab, and Sleeper cab. The Volvo FL can be equipped with your choice of Day cab, Comfort cab and Crew cab.

Power and performance

Power and performance

Volvo’s diesel engines are designed for outstanding performance. They produce wider, flatter torque curves, reducing the need for frequent gear changing. They’re equipped with features like closed crankcase ventilation and variable geometry turbos. Simply put, they use market-leading technology to drive well under a wide range of challenging conditions.

Get in gear

Get in gear

Whatever the mission, and no matter how well-trained your driver, there’s a gearbox to suit.

I-Shift: Available for the Volvo FE. A 12-speed splitter and range gearbox with automated shifting. Will outperform the gearchanging skills of even the best driver.

I-Sync: Available for the Volvo FL. Shift gear without pressing the clutch. Perfectly suited for a light truck like this, and for logistic missions: multiple stops and starts become plain sailing.

Automatic: Easy to get to grips with - even for the most inexperienced driver. Enables focus on the task at hand under challenging conditions.

Manual: Available for both the Volvo FE and the Volvo FL.


Choose your suspension for both front and rear axles. Air, leaf or a combination of the two. Custom-built for your own requirements.

Easy, fast loading and unloading

An Electronic Control System (ECS) enables swift and simple control of rear air suspension levelling, via dash switches or a control box. Makes loading and unloading quick and easy.


Pneumatic brakes with lightweight disks, both at the front and the rear. The EBS system provides faster, safer braking response - and also reduces wear on the disks, reducing costs and increasing uptime. The braking system is complemented by ABS, a differential lock and Brake Blending for efficiency and safety.


Our frames are built from high-quality Swedish steel - phosphate coated and powder painted. We paint the parts before we assemble them ourselves, meaning that there’s no room for hidden rust traps. And we build the chassis so that it’s maintenance-free. High quality and durability reduce maintenance costs over the truck’s lifetime.