Volvo Defense


Moving supplies

Cargo transport

Get it done! Efficient logistics and safe cargo transport are a must-have for successful missions. To run operations smoothly and according to plan in poor conditions, or in and around restricted areas, you need solutions that are tailored to your specifics.

Trucks and haulers that
are built for the job

Prioritizing your supply lines and logistics are crucial to the overall outcome of any task. Your ability to do this depends, to a great extent, on your equipment. Flexible multiple-use units which offer sufficient operational range and ease of use are particularly important. Forward-based supply requires transport solutions that give it their all.

Autonomous, efficient and safe

Vehicle autonomy is a real, existing alternative that can help reduce your exposure to threats and risks. Our solutions offer it.  

Peace of mind

Military and civil defense require a huge amount of transportation tasks. Moving cargo and equipment highlights different aspects of risk management. This kind of assignment requires that the transport tasks are completed, with cargo and crew fully protected and unharmed. Volvo put safety first, allowing you to balance these parameters without compromise.

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