Volvo Defense


At the core of military logistics


Logistics during missions are vital. Different configurations allow for Volvo trucks to be utilized for long, fast hauls in controlled territory – as well as over hostile terrain in severe conditions.

They deliver the kind of flexibility and capability that are essential when it really counts.

Our trucks are built to meet your high expectations of utilization and availability when carrying out the daily tasks required for any logistic mission.

All truck applications are demanding – but military use of trucks can be particularly so, as well as being significantly different to conventional commercial use. Expectations of flexibility – letting you carry out multiple tasks – is even higher. Fleets contain large numbers of units which have to be serviced and supported in a sometimes hostile and/or difficult environment. And efficient, forward-available support is vital, which in itself calls for reduced complexity.

Volvo Defense provides a solution to meet these specific expectations – a truck that is available in many configurations and versions, but which is built on one core platform. This promotes interchangeability of parts, reduce the size of required class IX supplies, and simplifies the training of staff and technicians. Familiarization and operation is made easy by recognition throughout your fleet. The common platform and shared technology also promote reduced use of resources required to manage the lifecycle of your investment.

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Volvo FMX Rigids

Volvo FMX Tractors

The Volvo FMX’s features and functions work like those you’ll find in a modern car, making this truck drivable without extensive training. But it’s also loaded with technical features and innovations that help you meet the demands of the world’s most challenging tasks – and keep safety, productivity and fuel efficiency at the forefront.

Volvo FMX features

Groundbreaking automatic traction control system (ATC) – optimizes and improves maneuverability, and decreases wear and tear on tyres and components. Always the right drive combination for the conditions at hand.

I-Shift with Ultra Low Crawler gears and Rock Free – Fully automated gearbox equipped for taking off with extreme loads or on inclines. With Rock Free, the truck can free itself from soft and slippery ground easier.

Power Launch for extra engine torque and an even better starting capabilities in soft underfoot conditions.

Hill Start Aid: Automatic hill start brake that works even on steep inclines, with heavy loads, and keeps the vehicle from rolling.

Cross-country cruise control: Improves speed control and load stability while moving loads over rough terrain.

Patented VEB and VEB+ engine brakes: absorb 375 kW/510 hp (D13). Z-cam drum brakes also available.

Weather-proofing kits available: making the truck more resilient for use in all environments, from extreme cold to arid heat.

Adaptive Cruise Control: With radar detection to simplify trailing over long distances Brakes and accelerator automatically works in unison to keep a safe distance. Additional collision-risk warnings and alerts are projected onto windscreen

Drivelines powered by D13 engines: Built to provide fast acceleration, excellent power, comfortable low-speed handling – and fuel efficiency.

Protected drivetrain and components.

3 mm skid plate.

Ergonomic cab design provides increased levels of safety, efficiency and comfort.

Driver Alert Support: tracks driver behaviour and displays safety messages.

Rear air suspension on certain models.

Front- or side-mounted winch extensions, applicable across a range of 1–15 tonnes; centrally-mounted winches can handle loads of up to 40 tonnes.

Integrated towing device – built into a cross member – made from high-strength steel. Can handle push and pull forces of 32 tonnes, at an incline of up to 15 degrees.

Durable frames – built from Swedish steel, then phosphate-coated and powder-painted. Painted before assembly to reduce risk of rust traps.

Easy-to-access parking brake with automatic engagement and release.

Modular bumper – easy to replace and repair.

Box design at the lower front of the truck, with interacting parts for impact absorption.

Flashing emergency brake light.