Volvo Defense


Getting there safely

Troop transport

Movement is a vital component of success in any operation – whether it’s movement of troops, supply, or equipment. You need gear that can move your operation at capacity, efficiently and safely. And you also need a solution that is energy-efficient, reliable, and easy to maintain.

Comfort is safety

Fast deployment of personnel in remote locations calls for methods with high speed and large capacity. Buses that allow for quick, quiet and easy embarkment and disembarkment are efficient and safe – essential for reducing your time to destination. They also feature driver stations designed specifically for improved safety and ease of use.

Efficient and reliable power

Whether your missions call for conventional, hybrid or all-electric technology, you want a solution that’s reliable – and one that delivers, efficiently.

Tailored solutions

Our customers set the scene: and in this context, our products and solutions have to deliver. By tailoring the offering to your needs, we make it happen.

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Volvo Coaches

Buses and coaches – versatile, safe, and fuel-efficient. Volvo buses are available in conventional and hybrid versions.