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Reality sets the base for your strategy and tactics. You need to adapt to the location, the situation, and the assignment. The same goes for all business-driven activities – which is why our commercial portfolio is already highly adaptable and flexible, with a broad offering of variants and versions. And if your requirement exceeds what we currently offer, we pride ourselves on being open to and familiar with customer-linked developments and alterations.

Our extended defense portfolio

Comprehensive and fully adaptable

Defense customers operate under a wide variety of requirements. No two customers, and no two scenarios, are identical. In order to face up to tasks that stretch from engineering and building to transport and logistics, our offering is based on options, versions and multiple platforms that allow for commonality – and which still can be optimized for the task at hand.

Access to parts, and a network of service knowledge, is available worldwide and available and ready to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Wherever your operation is, Volvo is within reach, ready to provide the solution that matches your requirements.

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