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We’re adaptable – and will construct a solution that fits your strategy and tactics. And if your requirements exceed what our standard portfolio offers, get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

There is no “one size fits all”…

…but there is one, fully adaptable,
Volvo Defense portfolio to work from.

Our military and civil defense customers operate under a wide variety of requirements – facing up to tasks that stretch from engineering and building to transport and logistics. No two customers, and no two scenarios, are the same. And thanks to our comprehensive product portfolio, with genuine parts globally available, and global service network spanning 190 countries, no two solutions are the same either.

But no matter what, our portfolio contains everything required to service our customers’ diversified needs. Common base engines and component commonality are combined with a network with more than 40,000 spares available to support uptime and availability. 

And wherever your operation is, it’s never far from a qualified Volvo technician or a training center.

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