Volvo Defense


On the waves

Marine propulsion

Our engines and power solutions are well-known to shipyards and builders. Regardless of whether the installation is based on convention shaft, surface drive, water jet, IPS or DPS, our trusted engines can provide the perfect power for your vessel. Volvo Penta is renowned globally as a manufacturer of commercial marine engines, as well as being the world’s largest provider of 9 to 16-litre marine and auxiliary engines.

Performance and reliability

An efficient engine that performs well, the right engine for the right application type, state of the art vessel control systems: all of these are all vital contributors to your vessel’s overall performance. Volvo Defense offers a wide range of alternatives for you, your builder, and your shipyard.


Efficiency in the long run

Energy efficiency is key. Keep your fuel and energy use low. Get it right, and you can go further, longer, and deeper in every mission – reducing your support requirements, along with keeping the total cost of ownership down. Alternative fuel solutions are also available.

The right level of innovation

The versatility of Volvo Penta’s range of solutions is trusted across industries, globally. Our marine power is used by operators in a wide variety of applications all over the world – including coast guard, navy, customs and border patrol.


Proven technology

The Volvo Defense engines and propulsion solutions are based on years and years of marine experience – and boosted by the Volvo Group’s collective expertise in development, production and innovation. All this adds up to provide a thoroughly tested and proven multi-platform technology, and innovations that give real performance, reliability and maximized uptime.

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