Volvo Defense


Volvo FMX 8×8 Rigid

Designed and built for action. Here’s where you can check out all the specifications, features and machinery that get this truck working.

About the truck

Missions can take you anywhere. To get there, you need reliable logistics that can support whatever task is at hand. Personnel, equipment, and supplies need to arrive on time. Volvo FMX Rigids are adaptable and can be made to suit the mission’s transport and logistics requirements. And the body-builder interface makes the Volvo FMX suitable for almost everything you need to carry in a variety of situations and conditions.

The optimized, efficient drivetrain ensures a particularly good operating range, reducing the need for fueling arrangements.  What’s more, the common platform approach combined with unlimited body-builder installations helps you to build the core of your fleet.

CabDriver and 2 passengers
EngineEuro 3, 12.8 litre in-line 6 cylinder, 520 hp, 2 500 Nm
Engine brakeVolvo Engine Brake (VEB+) with maximum brake power of 375 kW
GearboxI-Shift automated manual gearbox with ultra low crawler gears (lowest possible speed 1 km/h)
Front axleParabolic leaf, 18 000 kg capacity (20 000 kg as option)
Rear axleLeaf suspension with high ground clearance, hub reduction, 26 000 kg load capacity (32 000 kg as option)
Tires395/85R20 single mounted terrain tires with run flat and central tire inflation system (CTIS)
CapacityTechnical gross vehicle weight 44 000 kg, technical gross combination weight up to 300 000 kg
SuperstructureContainer handling unit (CHU)


The Volvo FMX is loaded with features that suit your assignment.

  • Automatic Traction Control
  • I-Shift with Rock Free and ultra-low crawler gears
  • Power Launch
  • Hill Start Aid Cross-country cruise control
  • Cross-country cruise control
  • Volvo Engine Brake
  • Extreme Weather proofing
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Protected drivetrain and components
  • Driver alert support
  • Automatic parking brake and emergency brake lights
  • Front frame extension (400 mm)
  • Winches: 1 to 15 tonnes front- or side-mounted and 40 tonnes centre-mounted
  • Towing device
  • Steel bumper
  • Skid plate
  • D13 Engine
  • Ergonomic cab
  • Phosphate-coated, powder-painted Swedish steel frame