Volvo Defense


Support – from concept to decommissioning

Maintaining the progress of civil and military defense activities is highly dependent on upstream support. Volvo Defense is used to providing the different components and competences that are required to keep things moving – at all levels – throughout the logistic chain. With more than 80 years of experience in the defense industry, we know what level of service is expected and required: from concept, to decommissioning.


Volvo Defense are used to offering and developing long-term viable tailored solutions for the defense sector. We are also comfortable with delivering for specific requirements regarding, licenses and approvals, process time, proof of concept, RFI, RFP, RFQ and the entire information flow for procurement processes.


Volvo Defense is part of Volvo Group – providing a spare parts supply chain and distribution network that spans 190 countries across the world. You’ll experience the benefit of this when you need parts, or you need our expert advice to keep your equipment operational over time. Tens of thousands of highly-trained technicians work in our distribution network to support products: wherever, and whenever, they’re used.

Knowledge transfer

Our technical training facilities are located all over the world: making sure that your gear is functional, and your troops get all the right knowledge needed to maximize the benefit of your investment.