Volvo Defense


Prime movers

Volvo Wheel Loaders

Perfect all-rounders for engineering and logistic tasks. Every model comes with an attachment bracket, meaning that you can switch between tasks effectively. And a wide range of available attachments makes wheel loaders extremely versatile: like buckets, forks, tines, material handling arms, and grapples. Protected versions are in operation, and available for quotation.

Real all-rounders

Wheel loaders are built in all shapes and sizes with a series of attachments that make them ready for all tasks – from rock movement to handling of red-hot steelworks waste. 


More movement

Volvo Construction Equipment wheel loaders are designed to move more mass per loading cycle – reducing costs and increasing efficiency, both of which can be crucial aspects of a successful mission. 

Designed around the driver

Optimized weight distribution and an ergonomically-designed driver environment increase safety, comfort and efficiency.