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Volvo Articulated Haulers

Missions can take you anywhere. You could be facing steep gradients, or soft and uneven ground: anything can get in your way. With tracked units at the very front, and conventional wheeled equipment as support, you’re sometimes left with a gap in the theater. That’s where you want to utilize the capability of Articulated Haulers.

They’re made to move vital supply to your forward units, regardless of severity of terrain. And they deliver good ground clearance, high rimpull and low ground pressure to get there.

Volvo’s articulated haulers are leaders in the field of terrain mobility - and were the first available to the market, back in the late 60s. Today, if you need to go off-road with payloads of up to 60 tonnes, an articulated hauler is the solution. Good fording capabilities, unbeaten terrain capabilities and ease of operation will get you where you need to be.

One platform – many solutions.

Volvo articulated haulers features

Front suspension

The A25F and A30F feature gas-hydraulic front axle suspension. It reduces vibrations, meaning that the machine can be driven at higher speeds when off-road. It helps to maintain higher average speed when in terrain.

Your mission continues at the end of the transport run. You need your personnel to be fit and able to perform demanding tasks on arrival. The suspension system ensures this, letting you traverse rough terrain.


Sturdy build
Conditions on an operation can be extremely demanding. Your equipment needs to be able to deliver in the heat of the moment. These vehicles are built for this, as well as low maintenance requirements and competitive LCCs: making them the sturdiest mode of transport around.

Strong, accurate steering is a key requirement for following your unit and tracked vehicles on a mission. Volvo’s system is strong on rough ground, delivering high steering force at low revs in environments like deep mud. Hydraulic damping prevents any jolts and shocks from being transferred to the driver. The system also provides great accuracy and stability when travelling fast on good roads.


Rotating hitch
Built for any environment – snow and ice, deserts, tropical regions, and anything in between. Each comes with its own type of rough terrain. None pose a problem, thanks to the rotating frame hitch that haulers are built around. It reduces stress on the structure. It provides a solid boost to the suspension by keeping the wheels in contact with all terrains. And it’s positioned high – next to the centre of gravity of the vehicle’s load, for good stability and ground clearance.

High diameter tyres give a long footprint: essential for good speeds on undulating terrain. Wide tyres provide great stability andlow ground pressure for softer surfaces. These haulers can also be equipped with solutions for running on flat tyres. The rims, hubs and axles are extremely heavy-duty – which, along with high ground clearance, also helps protect personnel from IEDs.