Volvo Defense


Building a solid operation

Engineering and construction

In military and civil defense operations, your transport, communications and supply lines need to be set up and maintained throughout the course of the mission. Your engineering and support resources need to deliver before, during and after completion of the task.

The maintenance of transport routes and construction of facilities are high-pressure, time-critical military operations that need to be carried out while exposed to dangerous and hostile conditions – and still always require the same kind of successful outcome. To secure this outcome, you need tailored gear that can get the job done.

Time after time

Uptime, downtime, time to repair, time to wait: all of these are dimensions that can affect performance and results. We stay focussed on the value our equipment brings to our customers. And we’re determined to deliver the best lifecycle value in demanding applications.

Demand-driven innovation

Volvo innovations – designed to improve operating range, protection, and autonomy –enhance your ability to deliver results in difficult logistic scenarios. Access to the latest tech and developments gives real benefits in demanding situations.

The right tool for the job

Make sure that you can tailor your equipment to your missions. Having access to a wide selection of attachments – ranging from buckets and hydraulic breakers to grapples and forks – makes your machines all the more versatile.

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