Volvo Defense


Dig deep

Volvo Excavators

For when you want better circumstances in a certain location – and for when you want things to change. Excavators are made to make a big difference in a short time, reshaping the ground and carrying out other heavy tasks. Trenching, lifting, clearing IEDs and excavating are all highly important when setting up infrastructure, or establishing facilities for personnel.

Volvo excavators are available with capacities of between 1.5 and 90 tonnes. They come in wheeled versions, for easy self-propelled transport over medium distances, and crawler versions for difficult terrain and tough excavations. Protected cabs and remote control versions are also available, and in operation.

Built around your mission

Volvo wheeled and crawler excavators are designed to be utterly adaptable for a wide range of applications. They can be equipped with a range of attachments for various different tasks – and can be configured to fit the requirements and constraints of individual operation sites.


Made to be operated

With Construction and Engineering Equipment from Volvo you get ergonomic, maximum-visibility cabs, boom suspension for better control and comfort in terrain and on bad roads. To keep you out of harm’s way, protected and remote-controlled units are available.

Stay up and running

Maximizing uptime, the time you spend actually doing the job, is essential while completing construction and infrastructure jobs. Volvo Defense construction and engineering equipment is designed to be serviced and maintained easily . Make the most of globally-available parts, service, and a training network ready to have your back – no matter where you are.