Volvo Defense


Volvo sustainability

Environmental responsibility, as well as other forms of genuine sustainability like social sustainability, is of vital importance to us as part of Volvo Group.

Volvo Defense products are designed and manufactured by companies renowned for their sustainability efforts, in a way that keeps environmental impact at a minimum. This means the processes through which the equipment is built, and the ways in which it runs. And every stage of any Volvo product’s lifespan – from the drawing board, to the day on which it’s retired– is considered in terms of the impact it will have on the environment.

Regardless of whether it’s more energy-efficient and 90% recyclable trucks, construction equipment made with a holistic sustainable approach, lower-emission engines that can run on alternative fuels, responsible production guidelines across the board or our commitment to meeting shared climate goals.


Code of conduct

The Volvo Group enjoys an invaluable reputation for corporate trustworthiness around the world, based on consistently conducting business with integrity and in compliance with the laws and regulations governing its activities.

Earning trust in global business requires that your actions and transactions comply with governing laws and regulation, all the time. Volvo Group conducts business with integrity and consistency, earning the trust of internal and external stakeholders including governments and the public.

You can read more about, and download information and details on, the general Volvo Group code of conduct here.

Social sustainability

As well as environmental sustainability, we at Volvo aim to advance the cause of social sustainability too. And Volvo Group strives to have a positive impact on people around us. We are committed to respect human rights in line with the Volvo Group sustainability vision.



Safety is a priority in everything we do. We have a vision for zero accidents with our products and in our workplaces. The ambition of our sustainability initiatives is to be a world-class company when it comes to health and safety.